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Click to Order The BIGGER ProTechPak, #99200
Protection for your laptop and tools.This is the document pocket, large enough for paper pads or notebooks.ProTechPak
The Newly designed ProTechPak is made to hold laptops that are up to 17 inch wide or 12 inches tall.In addition, the New ProTechPak has heavier padding surrounding the laptop compartment and it has deeper pockets on inside panel.

ProTechPak is carry-on size compliant for the airlines and is made to protect your laptop and carry a few tools while you travel to the job.

With lots of room for files and office supplies, chargers and power cords, we find that this ToolPak is a great little travelling office.  That ShoulderStrap is really handy when travelling anywhere.
The ProTechPak features are--
  ·  Two zippered compartments open wide allowing panels to lay flat.
·  The first compartment is the NOW with HEAVIER PADDING for this main-compartment surrounds and protects your sensitive electronics. Safely carry your laptop, meters, diagnostic sensors, printers, storage devices and more. ProtechPak pockets showing.
The second compartment, opens to reveal 2 accessory panels that face each other.
·  Each accessory panel has a large storage pocket and has a smaller panel on its front with 7 tool-holding pockets of varying sizes for tools and accessories.
·  Put items like books, manuals, clip boards, Invoice pads  in the large panels and then  in the smaller front panels put computer accessories and tools.
·  ToolPak ShoulderStrap #96700 is included, making the ProTechPak a hands-free organizer.  This is the same great strap with super padded high-density EVA foam and twist proof clips.
·  Rugged 1000 denier nylon exterior with comfortable, smooth 420 denier pack cloth.
·  Heavy-duty ToolPak zippers: Specially designed zippers are tougher and last longer.
·  Attaché handles: Carries like a brief case, too.
·  Meets airline "carry-on" size requirements:  Just the right size, so don't worry, just take it all with you. ·  LARGER Dimensions: NOW, 17 inches wide X 12 inches tall X 5 inches thick. · 

Remember: This is a soft sided case and its dimensions are somewhat flexible.  For example, 18" wide laptop will fit, snuggly.· 

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